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Speed and precision

Mech-Tech, in this years can be offer  its  experience for the design and realization of machine in the mechanical field.

Our fields

Contact lens machine
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Crankshaft and connecting rod
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Coppering on shaft spindle
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Technology and mechanical processing
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Contact lens machine

Mech Tech offer the new generation of touring Sirio.

The machine have 2 tools and it can make spherical, aspherical, prismatical, multifocal and progressive lens internal and external.

DC  spindle, linear  motor, air pressure guides and  linear encoder  with 20 nanometers resolution. Guaranty precision and high quality of surface.

With the graphic interface it’s easier to put the parameter of the lens. All the paramenters of the different materialis are in the data –base of  the machine.

It’s also possible to put paramenter from base code. During the work is graphically visible the tool path. New programs, modification or upgrade  will be put on the machine with usb. The  technical  support will be run from team viewer.

Over the tourning Sirio MT  produces polishing machine and center press for contact lens.

Crank shaft ans’ connecting rod

Mech Tech produce crankshaft for motorbike, scooter, minibike and kart of our design or under customer drawing. All crankshaft  are maching fron  forged billets due to take homogeneous the material fiber.

There are all case-hardened, griding and balancing with addition of alluminium and tugsten. Also the  connecting road are making from forged billets, can be all making cnc orcnc/copper surface.

The 2 hole and the surface are case-hardened and grinding. Mech Tech have the know-out due to make crankshaft for engine mono and plus cylinder.

Coppering  plating for shaft spindle

Mech Tech, having from it tecnolgies the know-out of air pressure and the high speed spindle. On 2007 in its processing a new coppering plating system with thickness up to 3 mm, due to replale ferromagnetic sheet for high speed rotor (up to 250.000 RMP) ensuring more stability and less vibration.

This technology is using on the drilling spindle for printed circuit board.

With this technology MT can be export its product in Asian market.

Technology and mechanical processing

Over to the own product Mech Tech can be offer its know-out  available to the customer due to mak a customer drawing parts.


In the pictures next  to some parts of products precision spindle, weiss-coils and crankshafts.