Mech Tech - precision machinery
Mech Tech - precision machinery

Mech Tech - WorkShopsMech-Tech can design and produce the most various tooling and machineries. Our professionals are proficient in all areas of machine shop work and tooling: laser, electro-medical sector, optic lens processing, testing machines, tools, woodworking machines.

Long-term cooperation with research laboratories has lead Mech-Tech to a specialization in the field of air bearing systems.
The air bearing is used is those systems in which speed and accuracy are strongly required.
These kind of systems are used in measurement machines, punching machine for printed wiring , laser beam drive system, medical instruments for analysis labs, machineries for optic lens processing, micro-mechanics and mechatronic sectors.

Mech Tech - TestsTogether with the air bearing system Mech-Tech also offers own design linear motor systems manufactured according to the specifications required.

Mech-Tech designs and produces high speed air bearing drilling up to 250000 RPM and ball bearing drilling up to 80000 RPM.

Since 1994 Mech-Tech has been designing and producing flying probe testing machines to test electronic components on printed wirings. These machines, the results of year-long investigations in the testing and motion fields, can grant high quality and accuracy levels and they are sold throughout Europe, America, China and Korea.

Mech Tech - precision machinery
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